Booking Visits

Class Size:

The largest class size we can accommodate at one time is about thirty (30) students. This is because iDAPT is a working lab, and there are both safety and space considerations.


Conducting the tour:

  • We will endeavour to tailor the tour to the class’ interest and needs. These include topics in physics, chemistry, kinetics, biology, robotics, and computer science among others.

  • Larger classes will be divided into smaller groups of about 10 students in size. If the class is small enough, it should be possible to handle it as a single group.

  • If the class is in groups, we will rotate through the various parts of the facility (CEAL lab, HomeLab, CareLab, FallsLab and a discussion space.)

Please contact, kYI Youth Outreach Coordinator Noreen Goraya directly at to book an iYI tour!